My Next Show

I tried to take my three year old to a play last week. It didn't go well. In short, a five alarm fit was thrown as we walked into the theatre. He screamed so loud as we entered the house that the poor woman handing out programs nearly jumped out of her skin. A least a month was shaved off her life.

It's strange because he's been to plays before. He saw my production of Mamma Mia! at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora over the summer. He's been to the CSO. This was a store front theatre. Maybe he prefers the large houses. Who knows? Understanding three year old logic is like eating ice cream too fast. It makes your brain hurt.

It begs the question though of wether he will want to attend my next show. A production of James and Giant Peach at Drury Lane Theatre in Oak Brook. He came with me to a fitting I had yesterday. The model child. Calm, cool, collected. He was described as, and I quote: "The best behaved three year old I have ever seen." Tell that to the program lady from last week...

I hope he does come. Drury Lane seats a few hundred so maybe the larger venue will be more welcoming. I'll be playing the role of Grasshopper. We'll see how he feels about bugs.

Show runs May 4th-June 16th. Click the pic for ticket info.