Left On Central

I swear I wrote this already. I can remember actual sentences I typed, somewhere. That’s the problem of writing and keeping files on a computer. I have multiple journals, sometimes I don’t know where I wrote what, when! (quite a sentence there…)

But I swear I wrote something already. I mean how could I have not wrote something about the record I made with Josh in February? Why do I even have a website If I fail to promote an ENTIRE record we wrote and recorded? I guess there are reasons at the ready: three children, opening and closing a play in the last three months. (Lord.. another thing I haven’t wrote about.) But really, It’s because I don’t care. Stick with me here.

It’s not that I don’t care about the thing I made. I’m proud of Left On Central. But the things I make are no longer precious to me. They are expressions of thoughts, feelings, emotions at the time they were created. And now those thoughts have passed. It’s part of me, it came from me, but they don’t define me, or weigh me down. It is out there for others to experience. And I really hope you do experience this record. But If you don’t, that’s fine too. I made it. I set out to to create something and completed the task to the best of my ability at that time. And now that time is done.

This is what matters to me about art. The doing. The act of creating, is the thing. It’s why I gravitate toward theatre, because it is immediate. It is a new challenge, a new gift every night. Then it disappears forever. It’s what I love about it.

I used to hold on to everything so tight. Not just my creations, my relationships, my thoughts and feelings, my failures and short comings. It does us… (I won’t speak for all) It does me no good to hold on to things. Holding on is holding back. As a creative person I need to keep looking ahead. What is informing me, provoking me now? What is making me love, laugh, despair? What is happening now? This is where I thrive.

It’s what made Left On Central so fun to make because Josh and I put it together in a month. Some the songs where ideas from long ago, but the assembly and recording all happened in the month of February (another RPM challenge achieved!) It was spontaneous and in the moment. Now that moment has passed for me. For you? Well, if you so desire you can click here and experience it now. I hope you do.

***Left On Central is currently being mastered. There are two tracks from the RPM version available. by clicking the link above.***