We're Not In Kansas, Still.

I know I got the line wrong, but truth is, I’ve never been to Kansas. For me, it really should read, “We’re not in Kansas, still.” Or the more grammatically correct, “We’re still not in Kansas.” Those don’t work quite as well. And all metaphor is lost. What am I trying to say? There have been a lot of changes in the last six months. I’m not where I was. Are we ever? Also, if I haven’t lost you already, the Oz reference will make more sense below.

Where to begin?

I’m a father again. That seems most appropriate. And most important. Ethan was born on September 5th and he is wonderful. A third son! It’s hard to put into words what being a father is like, so I won’t try. It’s amazing and humbling and beautiful and frightening and calming and tiring and hilarious and loving and unique and silly and frustrating and mysterious. Okay, so I guess I tried a little.

Before we move on to future projects I want to thank BoHo Theatre again for giving me the opportunity to direct Cyrano this past January. I also want to thank my amazing cast and design team. Cyrano was recognized with rave reviews and three Jeff Award nominations. Michael B. Woods took home the Jeff Award for lead actor in a play, for his beautiful work as the title character. The recognition is appreciated, but more than that I got a real sense that the cast made something they were proud of and excited to perform night after night. In the world of Chicago storefront theatre, this feeling is its own form of currency and the reason to continue to jump into the trenches again and again.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of my upcoming projects. I’m grateful and excited for what’s to come!


I had a co starring role in episode one, of season five. I play Joe Breck, a sleazy, low rent talent agent trying to squeeze the Lyon’s for some cash. If you’re familiar with the show, you can predict the outcome. (Hint: Not well) The show will air September 26th on FOX.


I’ll be posting more about this later, but I recently wrapped filming on this indie feature starring Frankie Faison, written and directed by David Midell. The movie is based on the true story Kenneth Chamberlain, a 68 year old black veteran who was killed in his own apartment by police in 2011 in White Plains, New York.


I’ll be playing Uncle Henry and The Guard in Paramount Theatre’s upcoming production, running November 14th - January 6th. I’m excited to return to the Paramount Theatre where I had a blast playing one of the Dad’s in Mamma Mia! a few seasons ago. Oz is a perfect family show for the holidays! Click here for tickets.


This spring I’ll be headed out to First Folio Theatre for Meredith Friedman’s play about a man running for the Ohio governorship who’s candidacy gets derailed when his past sins are revealed.


I’m putting this here to light a fire under myself. I have a new batch of songs I’ve been demoing at home and I’d love to record them before rehearsal for OZ starts. Will it happen? I honestly have no idea. In the mean time, click the music tab above, or visit my bandcamp site for previous recordings. Both Silvergirl’s Walking Through Walls and my release, Trailways are available for about the price of a cup of coffee. Your support is greatly appreciated!