New Site

We are living in strange times. As I endlessly scrolled though my various "feeds" last week, a thick fog of despair crept over me and I couldn't shake the feeling. The one thing that seemed to make me feel better was shutting it all off. That can't be the answer though. I have to find a happy medium. A place between the punishing blast of a 24/7 hammer and the quiet oblivion of a closed dark room. 

So here I am.

A new site to consolidate all my projects and a place to write. 

I wouldn't be much use to anyone without two things: my family and my creative projects. Both need to be honored, loved and fed. My "feeds" aren't getting the job done. So it's less of that and more of this. 

I thought of finding some artsy quote about how art is important in times of stress, despair and uncertainty. You know, that art matters! But I don't need a quote for that. I know it. I feel it in my bones and see it in those who get up everyday and live a creative life. The engine matters to a car. It's not up for debate. This is my engine. I need art to move.

So come check out what I've been up to for the past ten years. Today I recommend the music page. I've been busy uploading all the music I've written and recorded on bandcamp. You can stream the music and if your feeling generous, hey, even purchase some records. 

Moving forward,